Counter-Climbing Chaos

Real Life Parenting Stinker

Toddlers! <sigh> I locked and tied together the kitchen drawers so this adventurous 2-year-old can't climb onto the counters.

Then he drug the dining table chairs and bench over to climb up anyway. Those now get locked in another room after every meal.

Next he slid this little hutch across the living room and into the kitchen to help him climb on the counters. #Seriously!?!?!?!


That got locked up too. So now he's stacking up the couch cushions to climb onto the counters. {Insert crying-face emoji}

Well, at least he's persistent. I'm sure that'll come in handy some day...

He's such a little stinker. THE little stinker, in fact, who inspired this tee:

Oh, toddler boys, such stinkers! Gotta love them.


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