DIY Escape Room for Kids

Escape Room Family Games

Check out this super easy DIY escape room for kids. Perfect for family game night or a superhero theme birthday party. Also it's free.

I need to admit something—I’m not a fun mom. I want to be. But it’s not something that comes natural to me. I’ve always been more about let’s-get-stuff-done then let’s-have-fun.

And, being totally honest here, I dread weekends. Most the time, my kids end up fighting THE. ENTIRE. WEEKEND. And we’ve got a long weekend staring us right in the face (here in the US). #alreadytired

Even when I resolve to be more fun, it usually falls flat. 'Cause I’m too tired to think of something fun. And then I just can’t find the energy to set up a super fun/cool activity for the kids. (Sigh)

But this is why I decided to start making fun family games for this little business of mine. My first grader came home from school talking about how they did an escape room and how fun it was. And it got me thinking...

I’m a creative kind of person. And I love to write. What if I wrote one? And what if I made it as easy as possible for other parents to play with their kids? And what if I gave it away for free?

So I did. 

I wrote the Superhero Ice Cave Escape to help you (and me) have fun time with our little supers, even when you’re exhausted! It’s also free, which is even better. You can snag your copy right here.

So why not try it out this weekend? And then let me know what you think of it. It’s my first escape room, and I’ve got some ideas for more!!! 

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