Epic Tantrum Contest winner!!!!

Epic Tantrum Contest Keep Calm While I Scream On

Contrats to Kate Bullock--winner of the Epic Tantrum Contest! Her toddler's tantrum gave her a concussion! Here's her story, as well as the three other finalists.


My little girl was so mad when we said no to her trying to move the baby gate that she screamed like a terradactyl, threw the heavy wooden board book in her hand at me and gave me a concussion! My head was bleeding and she just kept screaming at me in time out. We had to go to the hospital cause I was seeing stars! (Side note: I've had a head surgery years ago and she happened to hit one of the screws in my head. Any other place on my head I would've been fine.)


My 2 year old daughter had an epic tantrum right after this picture was taken because mean mommy wouldn't let her go to bed as a dinosaur!! I let her play in that costume all day. She was walking around roaring, chasing her dog, and having the best day as a dinosaur. She ate all her meals in the costume, sitting sideways (cause she couldn't sit normal), and as soon as I changed her diaper it had to go back on. Bed time came around and i wouldn't put her dinosaur costume back on over her peppa pig pjs. (I mean come on that costume has a big tail and a big head. How on earth can you sleep in this!!) After lots and lots of crocodile tears i finally compromise with her and decide hang the costume on her curtain with a hangar while she went to sleep. Boom epic tantrum over! Mean mommy is now nice mommy and we all have a good night! (Mommy rewarded herself with a glass of wine.) And the next day she wanted nothing to do with the costume.


My 7 year old was was squeezing his sister's nose. So I had him write 10 times on the chalkboard: "I will not hurt my family." He starts screaming, "This is not a punishment! This is no way to treat your child! How could you do this to me?! You made me do this!" and every other tantrum phrase he has ever used. But wait! It's gets better. Every time he slammed the chalk or threw the eraser, he had to write an additional sentence. When I told him he'd earned 14 sentences, he screamed, "What?! You know what? Fine! You know what? I'm going to do 15! So there!" It's lunchtime, so I tell him he can eat when he's done. "WHAT! You're going to starve me?! This isn't a punishment! I'm not learning anything!" He finally finishes his last sentence. "There, I did 15. I sure showed you." Yes, son. You taught me quite the lesson.


My one year old is a whole new level of mama's girl. Her father is not allowed to hug, touch, cuddle etc. with me... ever. She will scream and hit and loose her mind. (She loves her daddy to death, but she refuses to let him touch me.) One morning her daddy and i were watching tv on the couch as she was in her room. As soon as I leaned on him, and he put his arm around me, she bursts out of the bedroom bawling her eyes out and runs over arms in the air. When I told her she was fine and I'm allowed to snuggle daddy, she threw herself back and proceeded to scream until I got up and calmed her down. We are trying to ignore her tantrums now, but she is loud!








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