EXPLOSION! It’s Hide and Seek—with a twist!

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EXPLOSION! It’s Hide and Seek—with a twist!

Every “hider” has a slip of paper that has either a number (which equal points) or a bomb. The seeker finds people until s/he finds the bomb. Everyone has a turn being the seeker. The person who gets the most points wins.

2-min Set up—Make a slip of paper for every player except the seeker. If you have 5 players, make five slips. Write numbers on all but one slip and a bomb on the last slip. Usually I hand draw the bomb; printed one to make the pic here all pretty like. I usually number the pieces of paper 1, 2, 3 and so on, but you can use any numbers you want. Fold the slips and put in a container.

How to play:

  1. Have the seeker leave the room
  2. All the “hiders” select a folded slip, then HIDE!!!
  3. When the seeker finds someone, they’ll show the seeker the slip of paper. If it’s a number, the seeker gets that many points, then finds someone else. If it’s a bomb...round over
  4. Play until every seeker has had a turn. Keep track of each seeker’s points. The one with the most points wins

We first saw this played on @shotoftheyeagers and we're in love 'cause it’s really easy to set up and fun for everyone in the fam to play!

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