The Epic Church Meltown

Epic Tantrum Contest Keep Calm While I Scream On

If you've ever had to deal with a very public, very embarrassing tantrum, this story is for you...

An Epic Church Meltdown

My 4-year-old son got pissed at me one Sunday during (a very full) church service. So he stripped. Like, completely naked. Underwear and socks thrown on the floor. The family in the pew behind us was dying as they tried not to laugh--cause there's a pissed off, naked kid in church. 

Just as we finished wrestling his clothes back on, the little dude bolts toward the chapel podium, which is on a raised platform.

My husband chases after our son, who is running back and forth across the platform and around the choir seats.

At least he wasn't naked...

By the time he caught the little dude, my husband was embarrassed and pissed! He hurried the kicking preschooler out the chapel's side door (while trying not to curse in church ;)

I marched little dude to a Sunday School room, where he immediately climbed into the window sill and to escape. But the window didn't open easily, so he gave up...

I was blocking the door, so he took out his rage by throwing the stacked metal chairs all over the room. That physical exertion wore him out!

"Do you want to come cuddle with me," I finally asked. He crawled into my lap. We cuddled for a while until he said he wanted to see daddy. "When you feel calm enough and pick up all the chairs, then we can see daddy." So he did.

Moral of the story--If you're trying to keep your kid quiet during church, don't give them a dot-to-dot that goes to 25 if they can't count past 10... If you refuse to help them, you might regret it. :)

What's your most embarrassing, public tantrum? I'd love to hear about it!


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