The Exact Moment that Inspired Our "Keep Calm" T-shirts

Keep Calm While I Scream On

Here's the moment that inspired our "Keep Calm While I Scream On" t-shirt.

My 3-year-old daughter wanted a snack, so I went looking for crackers or a PBJ or another semi-healthy food. Except . . . when she said snack, she meant treat, as in C-A-N-D-Y. 

We'd come home from a community Halloween activity earlier that day with lots of candy, much of which the kids had eaten on the way home, thus filling her up before lunch. But she was hungry now.

Wanting her to eat something other than sugar, I offered snack choices. She insisted on candy. I then used the dreaded "No" word, at which point she employed a screaming campaign.

She proceeded to scream for the next hour, right in my ear. Somehow I managed to stay calm, which is a feat of heroic proportions because screaming drives me CRAZY! I took a selfie to commemorate the experience. Then I took some Ibuprofen to deal with the headache, handed her over to dad, relaxed in a hot bath, and realized the experience would make an awesome t-shirt. 

This t-shirt and onesie, to be exact.


Do you have your own "Keep Calm" moment? I'd love to hear about it!


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