Fit, Feel & Fade

Hissyfit t-shirts and onesies are made and printed in the USA.

High-Quality Fabric = Soft, Durable Tees
We use high-quality t-shirts and onesies made from 100% ring-spun cotton. 

Ring-spun and combed are techy ways of saying that the shirt fabric is softer, more durable, will last longer, and be less likely to fray and unravel than regular cotton shirts. Although it costs more to produce these shirts, we think that soft and durable are two adjectives that should definitely describe kids' clothing!

Great Fit, No Shrinking
Who likes those wonky-fitting onesies that are too short and too wide? Or t-shirts that do the same? Not us! That's why we tested several t-shirt and onesie options--before and after washing--to make sure they fit well and didn't shrink.

And we've tested them!
We put our shirts through 10 wash and dry cycles using standard detergent and our city's VERY hard water. After 10 cycles, these shirts will still soft adn comfy. Need a testimonial? "This shirt is so comfy. Can I wear it all day?" This from our 5-year-old when he tried on a shirt that had been through those 10 cycles. (We were testing post-wash fit.)

No Fade Zone
We didn't notice any fading issues during those 10 wash cycles. Not fading was a big criteria in picking the right shirts for our brand!